Taxi business is boosting worldwide, people all around the world are adopting taxis over buying their own cars. The reason for such immense success is easy availability with just a phone app. The concept of taxi booking via a mobile app has changed the way taxi businesses used to operate. Gone times when we have to hail our hand to stop the taxi or visit the taxi stand to book a cab. Uber is known for the revolution in this industry, they analyzed and came up with the idea of an application. This application concept was simple and powerful, they allowed riders to download an application on their mobile phones and book a ride instantly anytime and anywhere. The concept went popular and a lot of other big names entered this market with their custom mobile application, and have successfully established themselves in their target market and country. To make your application success and your ride-hailing service compete directly with big names of the industry, you need to develop your application by learning from your competitors’ mistakes and by implementing new ideas in your application. So it is necessary to develop your own uber clone app, which is better than your competitors.

Keep these basic features in your uber like mobile application

Live Tracker: Most important for the safety of your customers and easy tracking of the vehicle. Live tracker also helps drivers in fetching the best route available. Live tracking is possible with in-built GPS systems.

Simple Fare Estimation: By telling advanced estimation cost, will keep your custom informed about their ride cost. Always focus on offering less charges in comparison to your competitors. As the price can be a deciding factor for most of the users, users love good service at a reasonable cost.

Schedule ride: Offer additional features like secured payment gateways, Pay later schemes, schedule ride, etc. By scheduling a ride, users can get relaxed. This is very useful in avoiding last-minute surge charges. By offering this feature users can book instantly or schedule a ride as per their plans.