As the demand of smartphones has increased across the globe, the app industry is also expanding parallelly. Numerous new apps are getting added to the stores each day.

It is true that creating apps has become easier overtime. One can easily build apps with online app creators without coding.

However, there are certain features that must be sought as you set on the hunt to find your perfect app builder. One such significant feature is the “preview” option.

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What is a preview feature and why is it significant? 

A preview feature in an app builder enables users to check the app’s progress in terms of design, layout, and other vital factors. It helps us to chisel our app to perfection before its launch on the app stores.

A preview feature is significant for the following reasons:

  • It provides a thorough control to users over the entire process of app creation

  • It eliminates the need of multiple corrections and helps in designing a flawless app

  • Step-wise verification helps in perfection of the final product and saves time, effort, and resources

Two preview features to look for 

When it comes to app building, there are two stages of previewing that are really important. They are: 

#1: Parallel app preview

An app builder’s eco-system should be such that you are enabled to view the progress of your app design at every stage. As you customize the app icon, screens, buttons, etc., you should be able to test its appearance parallelly.

The changes should reflect on the preview pane in real time and must appear, as it would, on the actual devices. This feature allows you to test the progress of the app at each step. 

#2: Final app preview

This feature allows you to test your app as a fully built product. A good and transparent app builder tool must allow free preview of a fully built app before seeking payment from the customers.

This final overview of your app lets you get a first hand experience of your actual app. The previewing can be allowed on a simulator or on an actual device. 

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Wrapping up! 

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