Yes, it is considered safe to order food delivery during the COVID-19 outbreak because there is no evidence that the virus transmission occurs through food. However, the virus can still transmit through food packages, contact with delivery persons, etc. As a result, food delivery platforms are coming up with unique strategies to enhance their safety standards. This has led entrepreneurs to establish their UberEats Clone, wherein perfect safety regulations are incorporated.

Hence, it is wise to mention that food orders’ safety depends on multiple hands, like restaurant personnel, delivery executives, the people, etc. Let’s discuss some of the safety measures that you can adopt to ensure food safety. They include,

  • Maintain social distancing with delivery executives: Delivery executives are under constant exposure to the external environment. Hence, to avoid virus transmission, you can encourage UberEats Clones’s contactless delivery options. Besides, maintain at least a 6 feet gap to prevent any contact.
  • Disinfect ‘high-touch’ surfaces: Specific regions like handles of food orders, edges of cutleries, etc., are handled by multiple personnel. Hence, before accessing the food order at your doorsteps, disinfect these surfaces. This way, you can break the transmission chain, if any.
  • Wash your hands periodically: It is pointless in delivering safe food if you had already contracted the disease through other ways. Hence, make sure you adhere to strict hygiene and sanitation procedures before and after a meal. Following the directions as prescribed by the WHO can come in handy.
  • Dispose of food packages: It is advisable to immediately transfer the food into a safe container and throw away the food packages immediately. Pathogens can adhere to the surfaces of these packages, leading to virus transmission.

On the whole, while it is safe to order food during COVID-19, safety strategies are needed from your part.