Developing an appropriate platform for performers and their fans

Onlyfans is a paid social media app that offers exclusive content for the users. It is a socially appropriate platform for the cam models and entertainers to connect with easily. Onlyfans made a profit of $62M as of 2020. If you’re looking forward to developing an app like Onlyfans, you can use an Onlyfans clone app.

How does an Onlyfans clone app work?
A clone app pretty much works like any other social media app, only that the content is exclusive and needs a paid subscription to access it.
It is an excellent platform for the content providers to channelize their work in a legit and hassle-free platform since all their payment process is availed beforehand before someone could access their photos, videos, and content.

Few highlighted features of an Onlyfans clone script app are

PPV Messaging
The content creators can send paid content directly to their subscribers and fans. The price is attached along with the content. The users can pay and avail of the media.

The fans can tip their favorite performers if they like. This is an added revenue for the performers/ content creators.

Go live
The performers can go live and stream themselves easily. After the live is over, it can be saved and uploaded to the app, which can be accessed by the users who missed the live streaming.

Subscription bundles
This way, the users can subscribe to the customers for a year or six/months, depending on the package they would like to avail of. This will save money on the users and help the content creators gain more subscribers and reach.

Communal Fundraising
The creators can also raise funds for communal activities and charities through the app.
Thus the Onlyfan clone app not only provides an appropriate platform for the entertainers but also shows responsibility towards the community.