Developing a celebrity and fans endorsing platform for the chaotic year

Given the prevailing situation among us, we do need a let out to keep our sanity. Most of us feel dejected by the failed plans and destruction in the hopes we had for this year. Many of us are spending our birthdays in the lockdown, not being able to have a proper plan like we usually do. Apps like Cameo are helping a great deal in surprising your special ones at this time. You can get an endorsed birthday wishing video from a celebrity that your loved one likes.

How does a cameo clone app work?

1. Users can log in using their details. Likewise, the celebrities also log in and create a domain for themselves.
2. Users can connect with the celebrities and request an endorsement video for a minimum subscription fee.
3. The celebrity takes up the request, makes a shout out video, and shares it with the users.
4. Users can also edit the video using the advanced filters and tools in the app. They can also share it with their friends and other users of the app.
5. Celebrities can also connect with users using live streaming options. Users can connect with their favorite stars and question them and indulge in conversations in the chat box below the live streaming.

Develop a cameo clone app, which will be a great stress buster at this time. The celebrities as well can earn a few bucks, which most of them use for charity. Admin can manage all the user profiles, celebrity profiles, and processes in the app using the intuitive admin panel.