Dave clone app- A great need in the time of recession

Getting a loan sanctioned is not an easy task. Ask your parents and the generation before they tell you what an excruciating process it is to get a loan. With all that is happening in the world and the great recession that we are all facing, getting a loan seems like a huge task, where cash advance apps come into rescue. Dave clone app is a cash advance app that lets the users borrow money and pay back once their paycheck is generated.

Benefits to the users in using a Dave clone app

Receiving fast and easy advances
The users can request a loan, and it is sanctioned without any collateral or documents. User needs to link the salary account alone. The loan is approved within a day or two. And then, the sanctioned loan is auto-debited after the salary is credited to the user’s account.

Interest-free loans
The main benefit of using this app is that the users need not pay an interest fee. Until a certain amount is reached, the users need not pay an interest fee. This is not the case in availing loans in a bank that charges interest with high rates.

Budgeting assistance
The app keeps track of the user’s expenses and notifies them on how to manage their finance and costs. This helps the users to avoid unwanted expenses and manage them effectively.

The Dave like app development company should follow the following process in developing the app
1.Understand the business model and ideate the app
2.Develop a user-friendly UI/UX design
3. Support a robust back end development.
4.Test the app to be free of bugs and glitches
5. Deploy the app and provide upgraded technical support.

Look for an app development company that provides all the above solutions and create a cash advancement app that aids millions of people and society.