Crystex™ HD OT 20 is a non-blooming vulcanizing agent for unsaturated elastomers. This is essential in the manufacturing of tires and other rubber goods. 

Major Application And Properties:

Crystex HD OT 20 is polymeric sulfur and is insoluble in elastomers. Consequently, it will retard bin scorch, limit migration of sulfur to conserve surface tack. 

Crystex™ HD OT 20 might be added in vulcanization temperatures.

Crystex™ HD OT 20 is a metastable product that can regress to soluble sulfur if not stored under proper conditions. 

Crystex™ HD OT 20 is a special grade insoluble sulfur with improved flowability and dispersibility. 

Reversion of Crystex™ HD OT 20 is added to soluble sulfur to act like catalyzed for alkaline products. As the presence of alkaline accelerators can be perilous.

How To Store It

Always make sure to store Crystex™ in a well-ventilated area below 30°C and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Keep the products away from products that can emit amines such as sulfenamides and DTDM.