Crypto wallet development

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency systems. Information storage and transmission technology, transparent, secure, and functioning without a central control organ. A technology that “could change the world” … Storing and transmitting information, the Blockchain aims to simplify a digital data management protocol. A big database of sorts. So far, nothing extraordinary. What changes the deal:

Transparency: everyone can consult all the exchanges, present and past.
No control body or trusted third party: it is based on peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges. The P2P is a client/server type model but where all the stations of the client/server type but where all the stations of the network have both functions in both sending and receiving.

Tamper-proof and secure: unlike more traditional databases, it is “distributed”. That is to say that different copies exist simultaneously on different computers called “nodes” of the network. What to avoid that the Blockchain can be hacked.

The great particularity of the Blockchain is its decentralized architecture, which is to say that it is not hosted by a single server but by some users. There is no intermediary so that everyone can check the validity of the chain itself. The information contained in the blocks (transactions, title deeds, contracts, etc.) is protected by cryptographic methods that prevent users from modifying or falsifying them.