Who doesn’t love eating restaurant food at the premises of home? Yes, we all do love restaurant foods. Before the pandemic, online Food delivery businesses had a great demand among users. But after the pandemic, the demand for online food delivery services have increased exponentially. There are a couple of reasons for this demand. One is, people fear to go out amidst the pandemic. Another thing is, as many people get to work from home, they don’t find spare time to cook. 

Wondered why the Swiggy is leading in the Online Food delivery industry? The reason behind is, they offer quality service and surprise the user with great features and discounts. Create a Swiggy like app and bestow it with fascinating features. This blog will take you through the features of the app.

Contactless Delivery– It is must to ensure the safety of the user. To serve the purpose of safety, the app has infused contactless delivery, where the delivery person will leave the order in a sanitized spot, outside the user’s place. 

Safety Badges– The user will give prime importance to safety. Besides contactless delivery, the app has another feature called safety badges which will be given to restaurants/delivery persons to indicate that they follow safety regulations.

Takeaway– Adapting to the convenience of the user, the Swiggy Clone app has incorporated takeaway/store pick up options. The user can conveniently order the food from his/her favorite restaurants online, and pick up the order from the restaurant itself.


Trust Turnkeytown’s Swiggy app development for your business and success is the only thing you will foresee.