Connect the celebrities and their fans instantly with Cameo clone app

Long gone are the days when celebrities used to be idealized and treated like supernatural beings with whom it was sporadic to connect. Social media apps have changed that, and almost every celebrity has a social media handle in which we can get access to their pictures and videos quickly. The app developers and the social media market have gone further and have created celebrity video messaging apps like a cameo, where the celebrities and their fans can easily connect.

Key features of a cameo clone app
In a cameo clone app development it is necessary to instill these features

Celebrity profile
Users can access and view the visibility of the celebrities listed in the app. They can see their details as well.

Live call
The users can call their favorite celebrities and surprise their loved ones by scheduling a call with them. It is scheduled depending on the celebrity’s convenience.

Superfan QA corner
The fans can ask questions and the celebrities can answer them personally in this feature

Opinion corner
The ideal celebrities can also give their expert advice on a particular topic requested by the users

Public feed
The users can share their shout-out videos from the celebrities, which is visible to other users in the app. The users can view each other’s videos.

1-on-1 video streaming
The users and the fans can connect on on-on-one live streaming.

Comment and chat
Users can comment and chat with the celebrities in the chat corner.

Users can also view the profile of the celebrities near them with the help of this feature

Edit video
The visual effects of the videos shared by the celebrities can be edited, and visual effects can be added post-recording.

In-app chat
The users can contact and chat with the support team in case of any issues in the chat