Building an app like Careem will be the ideal option for entrepreneurs to get started in the on-demand ride-hailing industry. Developing a clone app will be the perfect solution for budding entrepreneurs, as building an app from scratch will cost a lot of money and time. Moreover, the Careem clone app will be preloaded with essential features for the business to sustain in the mainstream market. Its unlimited customization options enable entrepreneurs to integrate innovative features.

The workflow of an app like Careem:

Every on-demand taxi booking app in the market has three different panels and distinct workflows based on its purpose in real-world scenarios. 

User side app:
  • Customers should have to register their profile on the platform with their phone number or email address.
  • They should specify the precise location for the drivers to drop and pick-up.
  • Once the booking request is accepted by the drivers, their location will be shared with the drivers.
  • Users will get a notification for the booking confirmation along with the drivers’ details and real-time location tracking link.
  • The users can contact the drivers to provide directions if necessary.
  • At the ride’s commencement, the users can choose to pay using any of the in-built payment methods or direct cash.
  • The users can provide ratings and reviews after the commencement of a ride.
Driver side app:
  • The drivers will have to register their profile on the platform and submit government-issued documents for verification.
  • After approval from the admin side, the drivers can start accepting ride requests.
  • The drivers will get notified about a customers’ request for a ride; they can choose to accept or reject. 
  • Once the drivers accept the user request, the users’ pickup location will be shared with them. 
  • The drivers will receive appropriate payments after the commencement of the ride. 
  • They can view the ratings given by the users after the commence of each trip and can improve their services based on it. 
Admin panel:
  • The admin team can log into the panel with appropriate credentials.
  • They can manage and oversee the overall business operations.
  • The admins can also monitor individual users to provide any assistance.
  • Admin team can generate analytics and reports in order to identify areas of improvement.
  • Drivers’ documents will be verified for their authenticity before approving them. 
Cost of developing an app like Careem:

The overall cost of developing the Careem clone depends on various factors. Here are a few aspects that influence the app development cost significantly.


The number of features integrated into the app will eventually increase the cost of developing it. Since it is a readymade solution, it will be preloaded with every necessary feature. Entrepreneurs can effortlessly integrate exclusive features into it. 

Tech stack:

It would be best if you use the latest technological tools to build your app. Moreover, you will have to spend more to get a perfect solution.

Development time:

As the developers will charge on an hourly basis, the time taken to develop the app will increase the cost. The location of your development team will also influence the overall development cost.