Tutoring online has a massive demand in the education sector, especially when it locks everyone at their home, restricting them to not step out due to the pandemic losing hope of opening schools again. 

But an app for tutoring online helps bridge the gap between the students/learners with their prospective teachers/tutors. Nothing can stop them from learning even after schools and colleges are closed as now there is a way to take classes online using an Uber for tutors app.

Development solutions

With an app like Uber for tutoring services, it helps users and tutors to have

  • A user-friendly app
  • Real-time tracking facility helping users to track service status on an app.
  • It offers world-class seamless connectivity with easy cloud installation.

Power-packed Features in Tutor app

An on-demand tutoring service app is loaded with essential features.

  • Easy Registration for tutors and learners.
  • The advanced search engine built with filters and geo-location
  • Scheduling the service by app users
  • In-app chat facility
  • Availability toggle status
  • In-app payment
  • Rating and feedback services
  • Multi-lingual support for users and tutors

The workflow of an app

Users can log in with their credentials or use social media logins.

Explore Courses

The users are allowed to search or browse through the list of courses on the app.

Save for Later

The app is built in a way allowing users to save desired courses from being viewed at a later time.

View Course reviews and ratings

Users can get to know the quality of the service offered by specific tutors by viewing the ratings provided by registered students before scheduling the class.


After scheduling a class or a tutoring service, process the payment with multiple payment options available on the app.

Summing Up,

The On-demand tutoring app like uber helps businesses provide a seamless courses online helping students and tutors learn effectively without any hindrance and helping tutors to earn passively and overall it majorly benefits your business earn a sustainable income in the long run.