If you want to know how to get more views on YouTube, you have come to the right place. This guide provides you with insights on how the entire process works and its advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you are a makeup artist, business owner, community influencer or gamer, if you can’t get enough views, you are not alone. Many people who started on YouTube inevitably face the same problem-attracting their content and seeing the actual growth of the channel. In this saturated space, if you are not regarded by customers or viewers as the authoritative source or business of the video, it will be difficult for you to stand out. This is where you buy YouTube views.

When it comes to how to get views on YouTube, many people immediately associate buying views with cheating and unfair advantages. The fact is that you can buy views, which is one of the common ways to get more likes. Although you can rely on organic traffic to increase your viewing of videos, if you are just starting out, this is a long process. Therefore, it becomes more impossible to compete with well-known companies that have one million YouTube views or more.

In order to have the opportunity to compete in the YouTube field as a business or influencer, you need some additional help from the start. Read on to learn how buying views can benefit your YouTube channel and increase your social media account.

Pros Of Buying Youtube Views

Generate social proof

What exactly is social proof? Also known as the “trend effect”, this is a phenomenon in which people can make assumptions based on the actions of people around them. This applies to common decisions in daily life, such as decisions about purchasing goods or specific service providers that people should frequent.

As far as YouTube is concerned, people consider the number of views when deciding on consumption. This is based on the assumption that the number of views is a good indicator of the value of the content. The number of opinions is actually a social signal.

If you think YouTube videos are popular, people are more likely to think your content is worth watching. Conversely, if you have few views, then there is a chance to give someone a chance, but most people may take a big stride in the direction of YouTube videos.

Of course, this method may not always be consistent with reality, but it is a very effective method that can help people make decisions, and no one can ignore it.

By making your content appear authoritative, social signals establish you as a source of influence in a niche market. This almost follows the following line of thinking: “If you can’t beat them, then join them.” With the help of social proof, you can increase exposure and visibility, which can help your content compete in an extremely saturated space… Of course, get more like.

Increase your search engine results page (SERP) ranking

According to YouTube, more than 70% of the time spent on the platform is dedicated to observing algorithmic recommendations. This fully illustrates the importance of the algorithm to your video, and it maximizes your chances of discovering YouTube videos.

So what does YouTube’s algorithm do? It aggregates data to display the most relevant search results for a particular query. Search results on YouTube are sorted based on two factors: how well your video fits the user’s query and how well the video has already attracted viewers (existing YouTube likes, comments, and viewing time).

As YouTube adjusts its algorithm, the parameters are constantly changing, but according to our current understanding, user engagement is still an important factor in discovering videos.

YouTube does believe that search results are more than just a list of the most viewed videos in a particular query. However, it makes sense to ensure that your video is in the best position. Unless your video shows existing user engagement, it’s difficult to rank on the YouTube search engine, which is why you buy views.

Get more natural scenery

This leads us to the next point-to get more views organically. Once you start to consistently rank on YouTube’s SERPs, your video thumbnails will be seen by more targeted people. Your video will also be recommended in feeds from other viewers. This increases the reach of your video-more viewers tend to click through your video and consume your content.

This will feedback to YouTube’s algorithm, showing that your content is compelling, which creates a snowball effect. The platform will continue to recommend your content to more viewers who use similar niche-related content and promote your videos to higher rankings. In addition, as each user interacts with your content, the platform will recommend more of your other content. This helps to expand your subscriber base, which is invaluable for providing you with a regular audience that consistently contributes views.

When your video is naturally discoverable, you will see an increase in views without much effort. Starting from the purchase of viewing, a loyal basis for organic subscribers can be established, and this is what we are after. However, without the initial push, starting the entire process is very time-consuming. Here, you can buy YouTube views to ensure you take the first step.

Disadvantages of buying YouTube views

You risk being banned or suspended by YouTube

If you decide to buy YouTube views, YouTube’s disciplinary action may pose a real risk to your reputation.

One possibility is that your video was deleted by YouTube as a “view game” video. If this does happen, there will be an appeal process. You can try to restore your content by filling out the YouTube Watch Abuse Appeal Form.

However, if you have a history of watching counting games, you may be subject to heavy penalties. Being captured multiple times by the game system may eventually result in your video being completely deleted and your account facing disciplinary action, such as suspension.

That is to say, it is worth noting that if these views are legitimate views of real people, then when you purchase the views, the actual possibility of all this happening is very small. With a real human point of view, YouTube has absolutely no reason to tag your account.

To avoid issues related to your reputation or permanent penalties, you should ensure that the video does not attract false attention. Only in this case will YouTube flag your account.

Below, we discuss the things you should pay attention to if you decide to continue buying YouTube content for a more detailed introduction.

Possibility to remove low-quality views from YouTube

If you decide to buy YouTube views, some of these views may be deleted by YouTube during the review process. YouTube usually eliminates fake subscriber accounts and fake or “dead corner” views. When this happens, you may notice a sudden drop in video views.


Even if there are thousands of users browsing, it is not difficult to find examples of this happening. In December 2012, YouTube robbed Universal Music of more than 1 billion views from its music videos, leaving the group only able to watch live videos on the platform. Sony is another big player in the industry, and the fate is the same, losing 850 million YouTube views in one day.

This emphasizes the importance of finding a reliable source for buying YouTube views, so as to minimize the possibility of suffering these consequences in the future. However, this happens even though you will do your best when purchasing views, so it’s best to check whether the YouTube view purchase site has some kind of refund policy.

YouTube purchased views are not the same as real customers

Although purchased views can provide social proof of your video, you should not confuse the growth of views with actual YouTube subscribers or paying customers (if there are products). When you buy landscapes, these landscapes are just for “stepping into the door” and cannot replace the value you provide to the audience. The value you provide will ultimately be responsible for retaining viewers and increasing the number of participants on your YouTube channel.