Ride-hailing business is one of the largest and fastest-growing businesses worldwide. It is expected to be one of most profitable businesses in the world. Taxi industry is dominated by Uber, they have the most successful business model. Many other companies have also tried their luck in this industry and have successfully established themselves like Ola, Lyft, Gotaxi, etc. After watching the success ratio of this riding business, many entrepreneurs want to replicate the same concept. To compete with these big companies, new businesses need to develop their own custom taxi booking application. There are a lot of app development companies that make uber clone applications. Before choosing one for your business make sure you decide your targeted location, and then develop your application accordingly. Developing an application from scratch is costly and time-consuming, To kickstart your taxi business you can go with a ready-made white-labeled Uber clone script

Admin/Owner Features in Uber Clone Script

Driver Documentation Reports: This panel can store all kinds of information in the form of digital files. Each driver’s reports like Driving license, pollution papers, insurance papers, registration number, will be automatically stored in the database.

Assign Rides: Everyday operations can be easily managed by the panel. Whenever a ride request is generated it is automatically allocated to the nearest driver available, in case of any technical problem, it can be managed manually by the admin panel.

Trip Details: Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports get stored in the database. Every ride details, destination, pickup point, targeted destination, vehicle driver name, rider name, all information will be securely stored in the admin database.


Ride-hailing business is in demand, before investing in uber-like mobile application development. Choose your target area of operation, location you want to target and customize your application according to your customers needs. Running a survey is always recommended before entering any market. Prefer trusted app development companies for such specialized mobile applications.