Build Your Own Music Streaming App Like Spotify

Music streaming apps have gained extreme popularity among folks. It is also one of the most significant app categories in the Google play store. Apps like Spotify are the best example and have also resulted in a successful revenue model. According to Statista, the 2020 report has stated there were around 155 million premium subscribers for Spotify.

Spotify is a pioneer app among the other music streaming apps. Creating an app like Spotify will be an apparent hit, and there is vast scope for the entrepreneurs to gain profit. Developing a Spotify clone app on the Android platform will be the first of its kind in the market. With Spotify available on both iOS and android streams, this will be a new way out there with exclusive features added on it.

Benefits for developing Spotify clone app on android platform:

It is noted that android OS occupies over 86.5% of the share in the mobile app development market. It provides a broad scope for the entrepreneurs making the options less challenging compared to other iOS Platforms. Businesses, irrespective of their size, prefer developing their apps through android to gain their profits in a short duration. Here are the reasons why you should think of an android platform to launch your Spotify clone app.

Easy access to the users:

The success of any application lies in its availability to the common public. Through android OS, the apps can be made available quickly for the users.


The developers should pay the initial payment for registration at minimal cost for application distribution. After which, the developers can leverage any computer device to develop their app. Here, the investments are more petite, making it comfortable for young entrepreneurs who are new to the market.

Scalability and versatility:
The android studio has made it easy for the OS to scale up its flexibility and versatility. It is the platform integrating Mobile phones, tablets and android tv. It makes the Android OS compatible with IoT, VR, Ar etc.; The versatility ensures the development of mobile applications with features for multiple usages after getting in the mobiles.

Secure platform:

The android OS involves using various safety and secured features. It works against viruses and saves mobile devices from being hacked. This safety feature of android is significant to be considered.

Summing up,

Developing a Spotify clone android app will be an exclusive option for the entrepreneurs. If you are looking for android app development? Get started with us in developing your Spotify clone app.