With online food delivery and ordering business in full swing, the market is witnessing many restaurants shifting their trade towards online platforms like UberEats, Zomato, etc. This move is done so that they a wider audience, receive global exposure, and offer round-the-clock availability. Both, business people and users, are opting for the Online-based food ordering applications.

    To elevate your business to the next level, you can also get yourself an online food delivery app, which is based on UberEats clone script. With features and the flawless workflow, everyone would love to try your application. The clone app comes packed with the latest and advanced technologies in the market. 

    You will get four separate panels in your app for functioning. These four panels stand out in their performance apart from everything. The four separate functional panels are:

  1. Customer panel
  2. Restaurant panel
  3. Drive panel
  4. Admin panel

How can you make a profit out of it?

    You can charge a commission fee from your restaurant partner for each order a customer makes. The restaurant and yourself should have an agreement on certain terms so that both sides get the benefit.

Fee for advertising:

    You can charge a fee for advertising a restaurant on your app to certain partners who are in need of increasing their sales of the restaurant. You can charge separately according to the number of ads and as well as the duration of the ads.

Why opt for an Ubereats clone app?

    To develop an app like Uber from scratch demands a lot of technical skill and demands loads of time. So in order to avoid hassles like these, we have introduced the Ubereats clone app, which is based upon the Ubereats clone script. The clone app’s skeletal structure, backend modules, and working phases are entirely based on Ubereats, which is already a successful app in the market.