Build a successful brand in the audio streaming market with a Gaana clone

The music industry has evolved so much in the past few years. Previously, listening to music was possible only through radios, music systems, or tape recorders. In the present smartphone era, you can stream music via an online app. It will contain millions of songs that can be streamed with or without the Internet. People have become ardent fans of these apps over the years. It is mainly due to the ease of use that the app provides. As a business person, you can also launch a similar business with a Gaana clone app. In this blog, let us have a closer look at how the audio streaming app works:

Initially, the admin will talk to the owners of various music labels in order to purchase the songs composed under their labels.
Upon agreeing, the admin has to pay a royalty to buy all the songs required.
After successful payment, the broadcasting rights will be provided to the admin.
The admin will build an optimized app and upload all the songs available.
Users will download the app and install it on their smartphones.
They have to sign up or register with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs.
If required, they can choose any one of the premium packages and subscribe to it.
On choosing a package, they have to pay for it via one of the payment modes available in the app.
Users who do not subscribe will enjoy limited songs and features.
Users who buy the premium package will be able to use the app without any restrictions.

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