Build a Coronavirus tracker app to help your users in the pandemic season

In this pandemic season, all of us have to stay united in order to reduce the spread of the virus. The situation demands making informed decisions even for the basic day to day activities. So, a Coronavirus tracker app will be the right choice at present. Users will be able to know their surroundings better and stay away from the virus. Being a business person, you can launch one such efficient platform that will serve your users in this outbreak season. The app should have a simple workflow and role-based panels to cater to your users’ needs effectively.

Distinctive panels of a tracker app:
When it comes to a tracker app, you should know that there are two different panels to be included based on the roles available.

User app:
Users should be allowed to sign up or register with the app effortlessly. They should be able to get clarity about all virus related information, safe zones, and more via the app. So, make sure you include attributes such as notifications, alert messages, real-time analytics, and more.

Admin panel:
Admins should have access to all data and features, including God’s eye view, access to user records and symptoms, update instructions, and more should be available in the app.

How does the app function?
Users should be able to download the Coronavirus tracker app and install it on their devices.
They can then proceed to the registration process and create an account successfully.
Details such as name, age, medical history, location, and more should be specified by the users.
Any symptoms such as cold, fever, cough, etc., should be specified in the respective section of the app.
Users’ symptoms should be shared by admins to doctors and medical professionals.
The information collected from users should be used to provide details about Coronavirus in the app.

Wrapping up!
Spot the most suitable Coronavirus tracker app development company to develop an app that is efficient and error-free. Frame a development plan and stick to it to launch an optimized app in a few days.