Technology is upgrading day by day. Every business is online in today’s market, from grocery to pharmaceutical, everything is available online. Businesses have shifted from traditional to a modern approach. Ride-hailing revolution was started by Uber, they have developed a mobile application for taxi booking. This successful concept was implemented by other companies as well and they successfully established their own brand name. To survive in this competitive market you need to develop your uber like app. Uber clone is the replica of the original application, it has all the major functionality and features like the original application. You can also customize your application as per your needs and preferences. Choose your taxi script features as per your area of operations and investment budget. 

How Uber Clone App Works?

Download an App: Your application should be available on both ios and play store. Easy availability ensures high downloads and demands.

Request a cab: Users should easily login within the application. Registration and login process should be simple. On successful login, users can easily book a cab or schedule the ride for later.

Matching: After the ride request is placed, the System automatically detects the pickup point, and allocates the ride to the most nearby idle driver. Drivers have a separate app installed on their device, this application is part of your uber clone app module. The driver has the option to cancel or accept the ride.

Ride begins: Whenever the driver accepts the ride request. The driver app gets notification of the customer pickup point. On reaching the customer pickup point, and after sharing a unique code with the driver ride begins. 

Payment and review: After successful completion of the ride, customers can pay securely via various payment modes like credit/debit card, PayPal, UPI, E-wallets. After completion of the ride, a review form is also sent on the user’s email and phone application. Riders can review the ride quality based on many factors. Choose uber like software as per your budget.