We all have heard of the concept All-in-one, in this digital era, Young entrepreneurs and businesses are searching for amazing single applications that allow them to offer multi-services with a single application. This concept in the app industry was introduced by Gojek, it is based in Indonesia. This application offers multi services like taxi service, delivery services, grocery services, etc. This concept was accepted by millions of people in very little time, making it one of the most popular applications worldwide. After this success, new startups have started investing in Gojek Like App Development. This application has all the features and functionality like the official’s application. The benefit of such app development is that now businesses can offer more than 52+ services with just one application. A lot of app development companies and app developers have successfully cloned this application. Before investing choose your area of operations and Must-have features in a Multi-service application.

Gojek Like App User Application Features

User Registration/Profile: Registration process is pretty simple, users can log in with a social media account as well. 

Schedule Service/Booking: Choose gojek clone script that provides scheduling options to the users. This feature allows users to schedule their service with proper planning.

Offer 52+ services: Not all scripts allow you to offer more than 50+ services, Choose a script that offers the maximum number of services at a minimal cost.

Estimate Amount: Before placing any request always users should get the minimum amount/estimated amount that they need to pay.

GPS system: This feature allows the user to locate the service provider effectively. This also increases the overall safety of the users.


This application is in demand worldwide. Offering multi-service with one application is a great concept. For such specialized applications, you need a team of app developers or mobile app development company.