Wooberly — A refreshing Uber clone

A freshly launched product in the market. It is developed using Flutter — a cross-platform development tool. With the use of flutter, it gives a major advantage to the buyers. Entrepreneurs can build their perfect MVP product and release it quickly in the market for validation and feedback.

  1. Cab documents verification — Scanned documents of the vehicle.
  2. Mode of payment — Cash and stripe payment is present
  3. Currency and language — Integration of multi-currency and five languages.
  4. Daily trip — Having two sections — upcoming trips and completed.
  5. Privacy mode of earnings  — Hiding earned pricing to provide security.
  6. Driver’s availability — Driver can switch back to offline if he doesn’t want to take a ride.
  7. In-call option — Driver can call the rider to know their exact location.
  1. Breakdown of fare — based on km, durations
  2. Live monitoring — the rider can monitor their ride
  3. Payment selection— cash and Stripe payment
  4. Multiple currencies and language options — select according to their wish
  5. Ride-history — upcoming/past trips
  6. Estimation of fare before starting ride — calculate their ride fare
  7. Ratings and reviews — customers can rate their drivers

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