Ice chest coolers mostly help you to take your food or drinks with you when you are going on a
picnic, vacation or holiday. You can use ice in it to make your contents inside cool. Sometimes
the ice would melt because of temperature so you can use gel sealed inside that stays cold
longer than plain ice.

Even without adding ice, this can be very helpful in the summer because you can take it with you
wherever you want to take.

Some of the topics can be overlooked:
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And many more it can be overlooked. To bring you on the right path and to solve all your
confusions we have made a cooler buyer’s guide that will take you to the right path and then you
can easily choose what you are looking for and what is best for you.

They are made of interior and exterior shells of plastic with hard foam in between to make the
food more fresh and cold. Mostly plastic is used for the making of a cooler because it is tough,
lightweight, cheap and waterproof.

The size of the cooler comes in for small personal one’s a for large family one’s with wheels there
are two important size metrics to consider. First, they are related to storage size. Second the
overall dimensions that coolers take up.

Coolers capacity is generally in quarts of capacity in 12-ounce cans. The size of the coolers
depends on your wants or depends upon the intended use. A small soft-sided or hardshell
cooler is good for the party or for a trip but not for something bigger.

When you are selecting a Cooler always remember that 30-50 per cent quarts the capacity will
be taken up with ice. For three people 30-40 quarts are good for them. And for the weekend trip50-60 quarts coolers are good.

Try not to buy a cooler that is too large because it is not good for
your comfort level too and the heaviness of the coolers is also not capable for the road
trips, party, vacation and holidays you can not take very heavy Coolers with you everywhere.
An oversized Cooler can excess the air in open space overall the large cooler makes the ice
melt faster.

The large or big Coolers take more space if the coolers are the large one that can not fit in your
car, tent, boat etc. When a cooler is full it is quite difficult to carry and it’s up to you how much food you want to store in the cooler for the purpose of your trip. So the companies also make the coolers according to your convenience and comfort level.

Many coolers offer many methods according to your comfort level like:
1. Side handles
2. Lid handles
3. Shoulder strap
4. Wheels