Article on how to hire Go developers

The Golang programming language is starting to gain acceptance. The number of projects where it is used continues to grow. Golang development is the optimal solution for both startups and large-scale enterprise projects. It is an open-source environment that is used to create simple and reliable blocks of code.

The language is in demand in many startups on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Developers are attracted by convenient syntax, rapid use of numerous cores, security, scalability. This language works effectively with microservices and has high performance.

With the increasing number of projects written in the Go programming language, the number of companies that want to hire Golang developers is also increasing. Today, finding experienced developers on Go (Golang) is a difficult task. In addition, the number of Go programmers is not as large as other popular platforms (iOS or Android). Therefore, we created a guide that will help you solve the problem of hiring programmers at Golang.