When you go back in time, it seems that the on-demand food delivery market can be divided into two categories: the pre-COVID-19, and the post-COVID-19. Among people favoring to order from their homes, first than moving restaurants in-person, food delivery apps have seen a huge increase in demand and download times. Online Platforms: UberEats, Grubhub, etc., have helped with many eateries, following the lockdown in early 2020.

Curiously, it seems that American Express has received the fantastic growth of UberEats Clone. The American Multinational Financial assistance company will be giving complimentary UberEats association for its Green, Gold and platinum card members for 12 month period. It is to be noted that this association is worth $119.

Are you a business person who intends to launch an online food delivery app like UberEats? Then you will find answers to the Amex – UberEats club and the processes involved in producing an online food delivery app.

What’s the thing with UberEats and American Express? 

The UberEats’ regular recommendation pass comes with conveniences like the $0 delivery fees and 5% off on all orders over the complete value of $15. However, the program also provides a $0 delivery fee option on grocery purchases with a total value of above $30 in particular areas.

It has to be said: the card features can record for this gain continuously till December 31st, 2020.

Minimum requirement of the cardholders can do to get the benefits,

  • First, download the UberEats app and go to the “My Wallet” section.
  • Second, add your current American Express card to the “My Wallet” section.
  • Third, claim your benefit and experience unrestricted benefits for a whole year.

How to develop an app like UberEats?

Since you’re here, there are two widely-used techniques to build a food delivery empire like UberEats.

  • Creating an app from scratch: The beginning of the two techniques is to create an app from the ground up. The company creates a series of exercises, and by doing so, modify your plans into existence.
  • Modifying your clone apps: Developing businesspeople can make the most beneficial application of this process. They can change the UberEats clone app, brand it to align with the business needs, and start it immediately.


Companies like American Express rolling out UberEats membership is a very positive indication that online food delivery apps are becoming necessary. Do not wait anymore and start your app development journey today.