Amazon clone script is an e-commerce clone app solution that is 100% customizable and scalable to business needs. The functionality of all the e-commerce apps is always the same. The multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace is the platform in which users buy products online. Let us see the brief outline of how the app works in steps.

Step 1 – Users log into the app once they finish the registration and authentication process.

Step 2 – They can look up the various products listed in the app. Moreover, the vendors will upload their products in the app upon getting confirmation from the admin. Once users find a suitable product, they will place an order using the Amazon clone script solution.

Step 3 – Users can make payment via online, or they can prefer Cash-On-Delivery. Available digital payment options are credit/debit card, in-app wallet, and popular payment gateways.

Step 4 – The placed order will be shipped to their specified address within a few days. For the fastest delivery, they have to avail themselves of the premium membership.

Step 5 – After the completion of the transaction and product delivery, the admin will transfer the money to the vendor upon deducting the commission fee.

Step 6 – Lastly, users can rate the services and product if they wish.

To conclude, the functionality of the e-commerce platform makes the users buy products online with seamless transactions. You can come up with unique business models with innovative features. Prefer using the clone script solution for Amazon clone app development. Because, it will be easy to add any features based on your requirements.