After the success of Uber’s ride-hailing service, there raised a situation for other taxi owners to transform their traditionally-operating cab service into a digital structure. This kind of situation paved way for the emergence of many taxi applications irrespective of its fleet structure. Many rivals like Lyft, GrabTaxi, Easy Taxi were spotted in the market after Uber’s inception but with the same business model. This made the taxi market more competitive than ever for the newbies. Besides, a new report by statista revealed that the ride-hailing segment is expected to grow an annual rate of about 8.2% with US$3,890m by 2023. This resulted in creating hype and urging many entrepreneurs to get into the taxi business regardless of its contenders. 

However, taxi companies like Wheely are still creating tremendous revenue though they began their business lately in 2011. 

The reason behind this company’s success is its integration of smart and innovative features, which made them appear distinct from others. This blog will give you a glimpse of those new features to ease your development process.  It doesn’t matter whether you choose to develop the app from scratch or adopt a Uber clone app, make sure to integrate this to gain more visibility. 

Hire professional drivers:

It is important to hire a professional to maintain a brand’s standard. If you choose an unskilled driver and experience any customer issues, it will greatly affect your business’ growth. Even Uber is focused on selecting drivers who are professionally skilled and possess good personal attributes. It conducts direct interviews as well as inspect the person’s background to be more secure and customer-friendly. 

Scheduling the ride:

Allow your customers to schedule rides for later usage as this can increase your service’s credibility. Fulfilling the customer demands at the right time with the right service can obviously help you grab more potential customers. Also, you must be aware to integrate a few innovative features other than this, which can be achieved by inspecting the competitor’s weakness and where they lack.

Airport service:

People arriving in airports have reported facing difficulty to hail cabs quickly. This infused the idea for Wheely to arrange a pre-booking service for customers to attract more potential customers. This kind of service incorporation in the application can certainly improve the app’s usability while acquiring new customers.

Email confirmation:

Many taxi companies fail to respond or intimate about the ride’s confirmation when the driver fails to do it. Integrating a feature like this will keep the customer relax about the ride’s arrival. Though other companies follow push notification settings for conforming cab’s arrival and location, it will be leverage for your business if you include email confirmation. After all, uniqueness matters. 

When you are clear with what you have to integrate and provide to lessen your customer demands, it can help you progress towards the gateway of success in the industry. Also, never fail to investigate and research other companies in the market since this can help you come up with more innovative ideas. Also, to keep your expenses low, you can make plans to purchase an Uber clone script. Find a reliable developing partner who can offer you the script at a low price. If you wonder where to find it? Try Uber like App today.