A streamlined workflow of an e-commerce Amazon clone app

An e-commerce portal like Amazon has revolutionized the retail industry as there is a transition from traditional to online shopping. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to create an app like Amazon? Join hands with us for app development. The Amazon clone app we proffer is a customizable solution, and it has two panels, namely customer app and vendor/sellers app. Let us look into the workflow of the e-commerce app now.

Customers app workflow

Step 1 – Users/customers register with the app or website using the relevant details.
Step 2 – After registration, they can search for products through categories. Using the advanced filters, they can quickly search based on the ratings, price, size, etc.
Step 3 – They select the product and confirm the order. The app prompts the user to choose the payment option. They can opt for available payment options according to their choice.
Step 4 – The placed order will be delivered to them within 2 to 5 days.

Vendor/sellers app workflow

Step 1 – Vendors/sellers register with the app and upload the product along with its details.
Step 2 – The admin has to authenticate the product details and approve them. After the approval, the product will be listed in the app, and customers can purchase it.
Step 3 – Once the customers place an order, it will be notified to the seller. The seller will check for the availability of the stock. If the product is not available, it will be updated in the app. If the product is available, it will be packed and shipped to the customer.
Step 4 – Upon delivering the product, the defined amount will be transferred to the seller account.

This is how the Amazon clone app works. Let’s connect and get your app right away.