Gojek app is one of the dominant apps in today’s digital world as it covers most of the services today in the market as it provides a wide range of services that include Doctor, Electrician, Security guard, Veterinarian, Locksmith, etc. Everything is available at the touch of your fingers right from getting a package delivered to booking an appointment.

 With a spike in the increase of building Gojek clone apps for their businesses, we offer quite a few features that make us stand apart from others.

Constant updates for the app

 We offer regular updates for all our app and the necessary support for all our clients.

Ultimate customization

 We understand our client’s needs and provide the ultimate customization to the app. Our Gojek clone script is 100% customizable and supported on all major platforms.


 Our Gojek clone script can support a wide range of services, ensuring your business a better prospect in the market.

Complete transparency 

 We offer complete transparency in our development process so that our clients can track the development of the application and also interact with our developers at various stages.


Some of the unique features of the Gojek clone app include payment integration, individual panels provided for customers, admin, and dispatch personnel. Now let us dive into the modules of the Gojek clone app


 This is the first module in the Gojek clone app, which asks the user to enter their necessary details like name, phone number, email address, province, etc.

Home screen:

 This is the second module in the app that comes right after the registration of a user. It can be customized to have a dashboard or directly display the services depending upon the client’s requirement.

Choosing the service:

The user can make use of any service(s) listed in the app, depending upon his/her priority. A list of services that a client offers will be displayed, and the appropriate filters will be available for the user.


 After choosing a service and entering the necessary details, the user will be contacted by the assigned service professional on a phone call.

Payment process:

 Once the work is done, the user will be asked to pay for the service. The payment gateway will be directly connected to the bank server if the user opts for an online transaction.

Ratings and reviews:

 The users will be asked to rate the app service and professional on a rate one to five in which five is the highest. The user can also enter suggestions if they wish in the suggestion text box.