A Blockchain P2P lending platform will give a large group of benefits in the form of superfast loan processing, non-requirement to submit any collateral, fair interest rates, and flexible repayments. 

The procedure to implement is the borrower has to create an account on the platform, the loan assessment will be done automatically, funding would be obtained from interested lenders, physical verification and documentation would be done, the loan will be disbursed, and the borrower will be expected to repay it after a specific duration. 

Borrowers can encounter advantages such as low interest rates, a seamless and hassle-free user experience, no prepayment penalty, and obtain funding in just a few days. 

The basic types of loans offered by the platform are debt consolidation, credit card payment, medical emergency, travel, marriage, education, business, and home renovation loans. 

Build a top-notch Blockchain P2P lending platform now and become the pioneer of financial inclusion right away.