1. Ask questions and include CTA in your post

CTA includes the following:

  • Learn more-link to bio!
  • If you want to watch more similar videos, please tap twice!
  • Follow us so you don’t miss any updates.
  • You can also post questions.


For example, suppose you own a yoga studio and post a quick video where the teacher demonstrates how to pose.

At the end of the title, you can write something like “Tell us which poses you want to show in comments in future videos!”

This will keep your audience engaged, show that you actually care about what the audience wants to see and provide you with ideas for future releases.

Buy Instagram Followers

  1. Add a link to Instagram to your website and email

Make sure that existing customers and customers find your Instagram by adding the Instagram icon to the social link or embedding Instagram content on the website.

You can also link to the brand’s Instagram account via email signature.

And use the plugin to enter your latest Instagram posts directly into your website.

This is a great way to promote your new account to people who frequently visit your website and build your customer base.

  1. Cross-post your Instagram content to Facebook and Twitter

Cross-posting Instagram content to Facebook and Twitter can bring users back to your Instagram profile.

Users who don’t know that you are on Instagram and follow you on other platforms will also find that you are also on Instagram because the post will indicate that the information was shared from Instagram.

You can adjust the settings of each post to automatic cross-posting, or you can set it manually for selected posts.

  1. Hold competitions and events to increase brand influence

For example, you can hold an exciting Instagram contest to attract website traffic or sell products.

You can ask users to like, comment, use specific hashtags, and you can ask your followers to tag friends.

When you ask users to tag friends, it will expose your brand and page to more online Instagram users.

This is an effective way to increase your brand awareness and influence, and is the main technique on how to get more Instagram followers.

  1. See what your competitors are doing

Another best practice on how to attract followers on Instagram is to look at the behavior of competitors and learn from them.

Researching their accounts may reveal hashtags you haven’t thought of, influencers you’ve never contacted or other strategies that can tell you about yourself.

Also, please note which of their positions perform best-this can be another clue to what you can do with your own account.

  1. Interaction on Instagram (follow, like & comment on other posts)

Engage strategically with users who might like your profile.

In practice, this means interacting with potential customers and brand allies by liking, following, and thinking through their posts.

Start with your tags: Click on the relevant tags you use frequently to discover other people who post similar content.

You can also switch to the “Discover” section of the Instagram app to find relevant content.

Another good practice is to interact with people who already follow you.

Follow them back and like their content.

The more times you participate, the more times you will show up in other feeds and receive attention.

In addition, it shows that you are a real, real account and believe in reciprocity!

  1. Don’t use too much text in photos

People visit Instagram for visual content.

It is not normal to post a lot of text in pictures.

A short, positive quotation or statement is absolutely fine, but please do not try to display the complete product description or long message in the actual picture.

If you are looking for a way to add text to photos, Canva is a free and convenient tool.

With professionally designed text formats and templates built for different social networks (including Instagram, etc.), Canva can help you create concise designs when you really want to add text to your photos.

  1. Do not use logos and watermarks on pictures

Stamping a logo on your Instagram posts will ruin your content and user experience.

People don’t want to see logos or watermarks on Instagram posts.

It’s like waving a huge banner with the words: “I am a company and sell you something.”

Although it’s not recommended to put a logo on the content, you can add a brand