Extension literally means a part which is added to something to enlarge or prolong it. When we add extensions to our online store or on our web browser, we are enlarging the functionalities of it. We are adding a part to it which adds up to the whole and prolongs the existing features to achieve something more out of the ordinary.

Magento is the most powerful open source eCommerce platform around and is used by more than 250,000 merchants worldwide running some of the most successful online stores. 

There are hundreds and hundreds of extensions on the Magento Connect marketplace, which makes the Magento platform flexible and an appealing solution for merchants to leverage the platform’s capabilities.

Most Useful Magento Extensions for your Online Store in 2020

Nosto Personalization

This extension uses a series of nifty algorithms to analyze literally hundreds of data points across your online store in real time. You will find Nosto pretty easy to understand. 

It analyses the overall behavior of your online store and gives you valuable data for when you want to launch an innovative marketing campaign online after knowing which products are popular and most sought after. This becomes a great help in engaging and improving conversion rates.


Yotpo is a popular Magento 1 and 2 extension which helps brands easily collect and leverage customer reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey increasing trust, social proof, and sales on their online store.

You can collect user-generated content and use it to build a stronger brand and better customer experience. With the integrated solution from this extension, you can collect, curate, manage, and respond to user-generated content from a single platform.

Related Products Manager

Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2 allows for quick and precise related product management. It uses attribute conditions and condition combinations to show your customers precise related products to the item they are currently shopping. By using the extension rules, you can define up to what product pages you want to add related products, and define on what criteria the related products should be assembled.

Slider Revolution

This is the number one selling slider plugin for Magento. You can create a responsive or full width slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization. The content on the slider can be easily read by search engine bots. 

They have loads of available custom transitions and animation effects for each and every object on the page. They have a convenient drag&drop backend which can seamlessly help you customize the slider in the way you want.

Shop By Brand

This extension brings a completely new level of looking up products for your visitors and customers by giving them an option to shop by brand. Your customers get a chance to look for the brand they like easily as well as experience a unique attractive brand page.

This provides a whole new level of experience to customers, like:

  • Shop By Brand page
  • Show brand logo in product page
  • Shop by Brand in the Layered Navigation
  • Bulk Import Brands
  • SEO-Friendly Brand Pages
  • Create unlimited brands with names, logos.
  • Instantly Search brands

Magento Email Templates

One of the best email plugins for your online store and the only one you will ever need maybe. The transaction emails that you send through your online store are vital; conveying important information to your customers. 

With this email plugin you can customize to stand out from the competition since it provides a great amount of design and content customization, with ready-made templates as well. You can easily convey the information you are trying to communicate in an effective way and generate a higher level of customer engagement.

Matrix Rates

When you run an online store, shipping is undoubtedly one of the most important things for you. Customers nowadays want instant gratification and they want to receive their packages as soon as possible, in the most convenient way.

With shipping matrix rates extension you can offer a wide range of shipping options to your customers based on their locations. It lets you create flexible shipping rates based on destination, shipping method, weight, price, customer groups, quantity. Shipping rates on your online store gets calculated accurately with this tool.


The tool Oracle + Bronto is built to provide high-growth to online retailers with sophisticated marketing automation; maximize revenue opportunities in return. The Bronto Marketing Platform fuels personalized multi channel content generating the higher engagement needed for retail success. It is one of the leading email marketing providers to the global Internet Retailer Top 1000.

It has features like: 

  • Order Import with Conversion Tracking
  • RFM Metrics
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders
  • Coupon Management
  • Product Catalog Sync
  • App Interface


Magento as a platform itself provides endless opportunities for those who want to soar high and achieve more. You can take optimum benefits out of it with a reputed Magento development company or an expert Magento developer who can help you achieve more out of your online store.