Use our manual for the top highest paid counseling jobs as a resource for you to sort out which program zone and degree level within counseling might be best for you.

Remember: pay is not all that matters, and there is much more that goes into work satisfaction than salary.

Clinical counseling jobs offer much more than just cash: helping other people, developing your community, and assisting individuals to defeat fears or addictions can be a difficult, howveer, satisfying position.


1: School Counselor 

Role and Responsibility: School counselors can regularly be found in schools, offering help and direction to students within. These professionals may work with students to create instructive goals, steps to moving towards a rewarding¬† career or with personal issues that may be blocking their turn of events. Some school counselors assume a part in a student’s school arranging process, which can be useful for students with little means of instructive support. As a school counselor, you may also be tasked with identifying issues with student progress, including personal or social aspects that can influence singular learning.¬†

Salary (BLS): School Counselors: $56,310 on average every year 

2: Career Counselor 

Role and Responsibility: Career counselors can be an important resource to impending adults and professionals seeking direction in acquiring a career. These professionals may conduct assessments to figure out what kind of skills their clients have, which can help them in successfully coordinating them with a profession. Career counselors may also approach career data within their zone, which can be useful in referring clients to employers that are needing skilled employees. 

Salary (BLS): Career Counselors: $56,310 on average every year 

3: Marriage Counselor 

Role and Responsibility: Marriage counseling is a type of counseling that focuses on the strengths and challenges present within marriages, relationships and partnerships. Professionals within this profession may work to identify issues that cause strain within a relationship, through individual and group assessments. To give assistance in strengthening bonds between individuals, these professionals may actualize treatment strategies to assist partners with recognizing each other’s feelings and display common respect.¬†

Salary (BLS): Marriage Counselors: $50,090 on average every year 

4: Family Counselor 

Role and Responsibility: There may be nothing more stressful than a rough family life. Families with developing children or stressful careers may seek assistance from family counselors to help stabilize their relationships with each other and move towards a more joyful life. Counselors within this specialized topic may assess relatives independently and afterward in a group to identify areas that need strengthening. Regularly, counselors may also execute family projects or sessions that empower honest speaking and working together to unite families as one unit. 

Salary (BLS): Family Counselors: $50,090 on average every year 

5: Psychological wellness Counselor 

Role and Responsibility: Mental health counselors may be principally responsible for giving assessment, diagnosis and treatment of basic psychological health  disorders. These professionals can normally work with individuals of all ages that are struggling dealing with their emotional wellness. Some of the different techniques displayed by these professionals may incorporate general individual counseling, psychotherapy, intellectual conduct therapy and injury based individual therapies. 

Salary (BLS): Mental Health Counselors: $44,960 on average every year 

6: Pediatric Counselor 

Role and Responsibility: Many different counseling specializations are current in the present society. One field of counseling that may be seeing development is pediatric counseling. Some counseling agencies and researchers accept that early intercession is significant for kids that have encountered horrible life events, safety challenges or just broad difficulties within their lives. The employment of the pediatric counselor is to use specialized techniques to investigate and give treatment to little youngsters needing assistance. 

Salary (BLS): Pediatric Counselors: $44,960 on average every year. 

7: Despondency Counselor 

Role and Responsibility: Grief counseling is a territory within the field of counseling that seeks to address the needs of clients that are encountering pain. Sorrow is not restricted to losing a friend or family member or managing emotions from long term illness. Individuals can encounter misery through loss of a job, children venturing out from home or even the loss of a pet. Using specialized techniques, professionals in these positions may work with their clients to establish sentiment of security when discussing individuals they have lost, eliminate the stigma from grieving and advance healthy adapting strategies. Professionals in this field should have extensive information on loss and distress and its impact on individuals that have encountered them. 

Salary (BLS): Mental Health Counselors: $42,190 on average every year.