Being a cautious homeowner, you must be aware of the fact that pooling or leaking water is highly dangerous for your home. It can pose serious structural damage in the event of a large raining storm or flooding. There are plenty of signs of water damage that you keep on noticing from time to time so that you can go for urgent repair and restoration. Finding a professional company in Austin TX for water damage repair is not a big task as there are plenty of service providers serving in the area. All you have to do is find the best one.

However, before you look out for the best water damage repair company, first know how to spot these signs of water damage so that you can find a remedy as soon as these problems come in the notice. Early detection is a way to protect your property from excessive water damage. Here we have listed some of the signs of water damage so that it becomes easier for you to detect these signs.

Discoloration In Ceiling

When you notice that the color of the ceiling is continuously fading, this is an obvious sign that there is water damage in your home. You will notice that there are dark brown, dark yellow, or orange-colored stains on the walls. This color is due to the mineral deposits after the water evaporates. When you see obvious discoloration on the ceiling, you should immediately go for finding the water leak and repair it.

Odd Sounds

Just like the name, this water damage sign is odd too. Sometimes it happens that you are unable to locate the water damage in your home but you can surely hear it. For instance, if there is a sound of creaking floorboards, it might be because of the water damage. Then, there are sounds like the dripping of water or rushing water, you should immediately find the source because if ignored, it can cause potential damage to your building.

Smell Of Moisture & Mold

This is another indicator that points towards water damage. If you feel an odd smell in your home, which has no apparent source, it might be because of humidity. A damp environment has a very distinct odor and you can easily recognize it.

Mold Growth

If you are unable to smell the damped surroundings around you, look for the mold growth. Mold growth indicates that there is humidity in your home which is causing this mold to grow. Drying your home completely is one solution to get rid of this issue, however, if you want to nip the evil from the bud, make sure that you know what the source of this humidity is. Treating the source ensures that this problem never arises again.

Peeling Walls

If you notice that the paint on your walls is peeling, you should immediately look for water leakage. If you are unable to find a leak yourself, probably, you should take help from professionals. There must be plenty of water damage restoration services working in your area. You should never delay the process of finding someone reliable because this is a dangerous discovery and there must be an immediate solution to it. If are unable to control the water source, the moisture will keep on sinking into the walls, thus making them soft and discolored.

Pooling Water

This is quite an obvious sign that there is a water leak. If you see standing water in your kitchen, first look for the kitchen appliances like a refrigerator and dishwasher. If the leakage is from these home appliances, you should go for the repair. However, if this water is pooling due to the clogging of gutters, you might need to call a plumber. However, if you will ignore this sign for long, this standing water will result in warped flooring and there will be no other solution except calling a water damage restoration company.